Grace Girls' Funds

Here are the four buckets of funds you can contribute towards.
 Any amount maybe contributed towards any fund.
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Grace Child Fund

The cost of food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare and meeting the emotional needs of the children runs roughly $175.00/month per child. Grace provides a nurturing family home/environment including educational, vocational, and life skills opportunities to empower each girl to realize her dreams and full potential.


Grace Education Fund

Every year we have one to three girls graduating high school and looking to pursue college or vocational education in Sri Lanka. The Higher Education fund supports tuition, lodging and living expenses. This fund is also utilized for regular tutoring, developing practical lab skills and other educational activities. The child’s progress will be made available upon request.


Grace General Fund

This fund is used to support the general well being of the children. Extracurricular activities, healthcare and other operating expenses fall under this fund. Food, clothing and shelter roughly costs $175.00/month. It is also used for planned and unexpected expenses related to infrastructure and general maintenance. We are in the process of being energy neutral and continue to be self sustaining by growing our own vegetables and poultry.


Life After Grace Fund

Every year, one to two Grace girls approach adulthood and choose to get married and start a family. The Life After Grace fund supports wedding or family related expenses to help the girls transition into adult life after Grace.