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Dental training continues for Grace girls and friend

The future of the Grace Girls’ Home will bear little resemblance to the children’s home that first welcomed impoverished girls to a place of safety from the war. The long- term vision has always been to provide the girls with an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty of the country’s northeast. Improving lives one child at a time.

Or three girls, as is the case with the training program conducted in Kandy by Dental Care International, a nonprofit group headed by Dr. Dawn McClellan.

Last fall we were pleased to send two of the Grace girls – Karthika and Udayshini – to the program, now entering its second trimester. The first class for the program provides seven girls with the skills and education needed to become dental surgical assistants, an opportunity for a life unimaginable when they first joined the Grace family.

Along with the two Grace girls, a seat in the class was made available to Kanesapillai Mehala, a young lady from a village near Grace with an eager mind but limited resources. The Grace Advisory Committee helped identify the young lady eager to study but without an opportunity.

The girls did well during the early courses of dental theory and lab work. Phase two will include clinical work and hands- on experience as chair-side assistants. Udayshini is currently “at the top of the class,” and Karthika is “not far behind,” Dr. McClellan said. We thank Dr. McClellan and DCI and look forward to continued success.

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