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Rotary Club Awards Grant for Computers, Education

Vision testing of the Grace girls and Mercy Home elders was done with the help of our friends in the Rotary Club of Trincomalee.

The relationship between VeAhavta and Rotary International continues to provide opportunities for the children and elders of the Grace Girls’ Home. Lee Kliebert and the Lansing branch of the international service organization in January awarded VeAhavta the funding to upgrade computer equipment and facilities in Trincomalee. The generous donation provides Grace with the equipment for communications between the management of the Center and VeAhavta administrators, further the educational goals for the girls to break the cycle of poverty, and allows the children to speak with friends near and far.

Partnerships between Rotary organizations in Trincomalee and America have produced several notable projects in recent years, including an overhaul of the sanitary system at Grace, youth leadership courses held at Grace and this year’s effort to provide eyeglasses to our residents. Three members of the Grace advisory committee and two VeAhavta board members are Rotarians, and the international organization’s “Service Before Self” motto is a suitable match for the Grace vision.

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