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Student sees through their eyes to aid girls’ vision

Campaign collects 200 eyeglasses for friends.

Being able to see what you’re studying is critical in education. That’s one thing Sahr Yazdani knew, having worn eyeglasses since age six.

Now a high school junior Sahr talked about her glasses with Jasi, one of the Grace girls with whom she’s enjoyed video chats.

“She struggled to explain how she was not able to see the board in school,” Sahr said. “And how her eyesight became very blurry late into the night.”I

f some of the children at Grace were in need of glasses, it stood to reason there might be others in the community facing the same problem. An idea was born, and acted upon on two continents. In Michigan, Sahr launched a campaign to collect extra pairs of eyeglasses from friends. She gave a presentation at Forsythe, her former school, which resulted in more than 100 pairs of donated lenses.

With the help of Naresh and Sejal Gunaratnam glasses were sought from Greenhills and Emerson schools and eye care centers. More than 200 pairs were collected.

Sahr, whose father Dr. Ali Yazdani serves on VeAhavta’s board of directors, next worked with optometrist Angela Giannobile, Angela and Sahr spent an afternoon at a Walmart optical shop, where a friend of Angela’s made available testing equipment for an inventory of the donated prescriptions.

At Grace, the advisory committee and Rotary friends arranged testing for the girls and elders to determine if matches can be made. Five Grace girls were found to be in need of glasses, and other recipients will be sought for the surplus lenses. Six of the Mercy Home elders are in need of corrective surgery that will soon be arranged.

Sahr said that she was happy to help the girls do better in their studies: “Their education means everything to them. I wanted to help in any way I could to improve their chances.”

VeAhavta would like to thank all who donated their glasses, the students, Walmart, Dr. Giannobile and most of all Sahr Yazdani and her clear vision of reaching out to help others.

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