Our Mission

We are dedicated to giving each of these girls a home. We take girls from all walks of life and honor each of their family’s cultural and religious traditions. We believe that everyone at Grace, from the girls who live in the home to the board members who assist with the home’s administration, benefits from sharing our differences. 

Our Home

Our mission is to offer a safe and nurturing environment for all girls at Grace. We want to open their lives up with educational, vocational, and skilled opportunities while empowering each of them to find the life they want to live. We want to continue to celebrate them as they walk the path they choose, witnessing their weddings and children, their travels and careers. The mission of Grace doesn’t stop when our girls turn 18.

We see the work of healing at Grace as parallel to the hardships of our country. Each of our girls have suffered the loss of immediate family to war and poverty and the loss or limitation of opportunities to attend school and learn skills.


The Center VeAhavta provides the opportunity to break this cycle of poverty through partnerships and training courses. It allows all of our girls to imagine a life after Grace and to help build a future for themselves, as much as Grace Girls’ Home itself provides the girls a place to grow into those futures.

Our Family

Having a home here gives us unique opportunities. Of course, our girls attend school locally, but we are also able to provide experiences that traditional schooling does not. This includes a partnership with Mercy Home, which has housed destitute senior citizens since 2005. Our girls get to interact with older generations and keep our heritage alive as only relationships with elders can.


We have several strategic partnerships that teach our girls science and skilled trades. They farm on-site, seeing the science, security, and sustainability of watching a seed become a plant and a plant become food. Our network is vast, and we’re always finding more ways to help. (link to donations)