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Grace is a Sri Lankan Girls' Home

Being a fully residential campus, Grace Girls Home plays a very critical role of creating safe and comfortable living on campus. It works towards the overall (social, emotional and cultural) well-being of students, ensuring their civil and congenial participation in campus residence life.

Junior Home Warden 


Sri Lanka (Full-time)

We are looking for a Junior Home Warden to ensure a safe and healthy living and working environment for resident students. This position reports directly to the Lead Warden. This is a full-time role working all days of the week. The wardens follow a special approved leave cycle made with the consultation and coordination of the management team. 

To apply, email admin@gracegirlshome.org with your application materials e.g. cover letter, resume or CV, and references*

*All applicants must provide 3 references that are not family members.
*Background check required.

Who you are

A person who has:

  • High school certificate with proven ability to read and write in Tamil, Sinhalese and English.
  • Wardens must be approachable and available to all children.
  • Wardens must be able to respect confidentiality. Be empathetic and patient.
  • Wardens must be proactive, take personal responsibility and have the ability to go beyond the call of duty.
  • They should be open to learning new skills.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Good writing skills to capture data, collect feedback,  and report back to the board.

What you'll do

The key functions of a Warden fall into 7 major categories which include but are not limited to:

  • Caregiving
  • Serve as caregivers, supervisors and community-builders for all children on the campus.
  • The Wardens shall be responsible for the health, hygiene and general welfare of the students residing at Grace Girls’ Home and shall attend to all matters of health, sickness, diet, sanitation and cleanliness.
  • Wardens shall ensure the students concerned observe the rules framed for their guidance and maintenance of decorum.
  • Communication
  • Ability to listen to and establish a rapport with students.
  • Liaison with administration and other relevant support/services departments to respond to incidents/emergencies and fulfill other responsibilities assigned such as ensuring adequate security, sanitation and other essentials for the residents.
  • Expected to go beyond the call of duty and extend work hours in cases of emergency and if any need arises and be available ‘on call-duty’ whenever required, which provides emergency cover at all times.
  • Maintenance of Facility
  • To supervise the smooth running of the facilities provided and to plan for upgrades and maintenance of these facilities.
  • Periodically verify the furniture and fittings of the residence with the assistance of the operations team and take action toward their repair/replacement.
  • Supervision
  • Ensure a safe and healthy living and working environment for resident students.
  • Each Warden will be responsible for the assigned resident students and shall promptly take appropriate action within her power on all cases of misbehavior, indiscipline, and sickness of the residents in her charge and report to the local Board or the US board in cases beyond his/her powers. 
  • Ensure accompanying and maintaining the safety and security of the children during all outdoor visits by making sure the children aren’t exposed to unsupervised public exposure. 
  • Promote Culture
  • Promote a safe and homely environment of good order and social harmony in the residence. To facilitate this, regular retrospective meetings and town halls are to be organized keeping the local board in the loop.
  • To lead by example, Wardens will not violate the honor code of Grace Girls’ Home and will enforce and abide by the Home’s ethos, policies and regulations.
  • Tutoring
  • Understand the education needs for all children in their care and provide any assistance in helping them succeed in their goals. Enforce discipline and code of conduct at the residence per policies and regulations. 
  • Reporting
  • Complete necessary administrative tasks such as maintaining report cards and incident reports for each child. 

Posted: March 27, 2023

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