Grace Space - April 2021

Kindful April

Grace Girls' Home is implementing Kindful, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that helps GGH as well as donors have a symbiotic relationship with clarity and transparency at the helm. This initiative is spear-headed by new board member, Dharshini Pillai. Thank you Dharshini!

Sponsored by Camp RYLA

Michael Sigler, manager of a New Orleans jewelry store specializing in the world best watches and fine jewelry. Michael has been a Rotarian for 28 years and involved in Rotarian youth projects such as HOBY (Hugh O'Brian Youth) and RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp). Michael is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young people hoping to inspire those young people to perpetuate goodwill to others. He was instrumental in urging his Rotary Club to donate money to GGH over the last three years. Last year, he had the Rotary Club camp (Camp RYLA) donate $7500 to Grace Girls' Home. Camp RYLA is organized for high school juniors and seniors where they participate in a week-long challenging program of discussions, inspirational addresses, leadership training and social activities designed to enhance personal development, leadership skills and good citizenship.

Grace Girls' Home Camp RYLA Donation

Moiez Saifudeen, Vice Chairman, receiving donation from Camp RYLA

Our Vice Chairman Moiez Saifudeen amidst the participants of Camp RYLA

"Who's behind Grace" Wednesdays
We started the series called "Who's behind Grace Wednesday" that posts about our board members across social media platforms. This series helps donors connect with our cause and purpose and give them an insight into why we do what we do.

Ami Patel-Tank

Ami Patel-Tank had been involved and served on the board for the Grace Girls for 7 years. As our chief of staff she manages monthly meetings, drives business planning, strategic programs and operations, collaborates with all board members to make plans and ensure needs are met, and she creates and manages presentations and content for fundraising activities.

Why Grace?

"When you educate a girl, you can raise an entire community! I am passionate about that!"

What is your favorite Grace memory?

"At the resort where I took 5 of the older girls to get jobs. They were hesitant and scared. I felt almost like a mentor to them and showed them there was nothing to be afraid of...and then we danced and celebrated when they got the jobs! It was priceless....!  That and when Brian proposed to me in front of the girls on our last night there after their amazing show!!"

Moiez Saifudeen

Presenting our amazing Vice Chairman Moiez Saifudeen.

Moiez has been involved with the Grace Girls for 6 years now and on the board for 5. He takes care of the day to day management and infrastructure related issues/ projects. He also helps the local management navigate any unforeseen issues that come up in case they need any help from the USA board.

Why Grace?

"I am from Sri Lanka and grew up with some of the issues our girls are going through when I lived there and feel extremely humbled to have an opportunity to give back.

I have a lifelong commitment to Grace Girls Home. I will always be there for any of our kids that needs any mentoring or support to excel in life."

What is your favorite Grace memory?

"Taking the kids on field trips when we visit Sri Lanka." (Moiez goes to Sri Lanka every 6 months! )

What's new on our webpage

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