Grace Space - March 2021

Our growing Team

We had two members join our board this year thereby amplifying our diverse experience and background. Such additions strengthen our reach and help us advance our mission.

Dharshini Pillai

Dharshini Pillai has a background in corporate finance and non-profit operations. She is passionate about empowering women and joins us to advance our donor engagement.

Daniel Cady

Daniel Cady is the Regional Strategy & Operations Lead, Sales Enablement at Google and joins us as a board member to help with digital advertising.

Toronto Awareness Meet (Virtual)

Our chief of staff, Ami Tank and our student/college liaison Jennifer Culley spoke at an event hosted by Cisco colleague Luxy Thuraisingam. Jennifer and Ami were able to share their work and experience at Grace Girlss' home (GGH). This event brought friends and family members in Toronto together on a virtual platform. The event was very special because our girls from GGH were able to participate and at the same time, there were many audience members who came with their own children. The event made a huge difference to sponsors who learned about them at the meet and heard their story in person.

This event discussed the children who are yet to be sponsored just like Pathusika Prakash who joined Grace Girls' Home in early January when her mother passed away. Here is her story. You can sponsor Pathusika today and make a huge difference in her life!

"Who's behind Grace" Wednesdays

We started the series called "Who's behind Grace Wednesday" that posts about our board members across social media platforms. This series helps donors connect with our cause and purpose and give them an insight into why we do what we do. Here is a glimpse into that series below.

Naresh Gunaratnam

Naresh Gunaratnam has been involved in Grace for 20 years and has served on the board for 8. Day to day he oversees the strategy for us to fulfill our mission of Grace Girls' Home.

Why Grace?

"We are making a difference in improving the lives of these young women and giving them hope and allowing them to dream about a future where they can be their best selves."

His favorite Grace memory?

"Watching my children play with the Grace girls."

Vikki Narayan

Vikki Narayan has been involved and on the board for Grace Girls for 8 years! As our Secretary, Vikki records meeting minutes, coordinates fundraisers and events, manages donor databases and communication, and volunteer coordination.

Why Grace?

"Grace Girls home has given me an opportunity to be part of the mission of educating girls no matter their background or socioeconomic status and giving them a chance to live their dreams."

What is your favorite Grace memory?

"The first time I arrived to Grace and seeing all their beautiful smiles greet me."