RYLA Fundraiser 2022

What is RYLA

Grace Girls’ Home has been fortunate enough to be involved with RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) since 2017. Every year, a group of incredibly giving kids band together to donate their hard-earned Summer money to the kids at Grace.

In 2022, 55 kids signed up for the RYLA Summer camp, raising $10,000 for Grace

Thanks to the efforts of the team at RYLA we have funded various projects from giving the girls bikes to ride, room renovations and a stipend through which we survived the onslaught of Covid. In total, over the last 6 years, these donations amounted to around USD 30K, an astounding amount!

Girls riding bikes bought with funds from the fundraiser

A room renovated to be a sleeping area for the girls

With the funds from this fundraiser we hope to renovate the girls’ library into a warm and welcoming space. Many thanks to Mike Siegler for coordinating and nurturing the relationship between RYLA and Grace.