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Group Coaching Program

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Year Implemented:



Mentor Volunteers

Fun fact:

Girls show improved confidence, motivation and attitude

Program Overview:

A group of US based volunteers dedicate their Friday evenings, between 10pm and 11pm Eastern time, to mentoring the children and trying to ascertain their goals and aspirations. The girls are split into four groups divided by age so that their particular concerns can be addressed.

The mentoring program began in an organic way with the intention of getting to know the girls better and creating a safe space where they could talk about their concerns. This is also a way to gauge their performance in and out of school. Initially, the girls were shy but they quickly opened up. They rapidly developed language skills and the confidence to communicate and express themselves. The girls study in the Tamil medium at school but mentoring is conducted in English to improve their skill in the language. Our mentors come up with ideas on how to get girls to communicate more. They are asked to give speeches and debate topics. The girls also come prepared with puzzles and quizzes. There is an easy interaction between mentors and the girls. The girls clearly enjoy themselves and smile a lot more than they did at the outset. They all turn up for their sessions well groomed and confident. There is healthy competition between the girls to perform well. The program makes them feel that they are being held to a standard. It also shows that the older girls doing their O’levels and A’levels can act as mentors to younger ones. In addition, the girls in Grace’s transitional homes are returning to serve as mentors.

The attendance rate is 100% and the girls come prepared and enthusiastic to every session. Overall, the program has seen a measurable improvement in the children’s attitude and motivation.

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