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Transitional Housing Project

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The Transitional Housing Project was established in 2017 by Madeleine Caughey and Sahr Yazdani, and continues to function as an essential counterpart to Grace Girls’ Home. The project, consisting of a physical Transitional Housing Complex and psychosocial Empowerment Program, aims to prepare Grace residents from living within the orphanage to functioning independently within Sri Lankan society. Specifically, the Empowerment Program seeks to impart skills of marketplace proficiency, financial literacy, and societal engagement. Residents of Transitional Housing have reported significant gains in independence, have learnt problem-solving and time-management skills, and demonstrate an increased comfort interacting with those outside of the orphanage. Residents who have graduated from Transitional Housing note an increased readiness to enter greater Sri Lankan society, as well as a sense of pride and duty to honor this opportunity to exercise independence.

Began 5 years ago in 2016. The original idea started when two students Sahar Asdani and Maddie (resident medical students), spent a full Summer at Grace. They created transitional housing to help the girls who turned 18 and graduated from Grace. They were able to write a grant obtaining USD 10,000 from U of Mich to fund the program. Older cabins at Grace were renovated with independent kitchens where they cook their own meals and do their own groceries. The idea was to teach them life skills and give them a safe place to stay. Dushi will also move into transitional housing. We supplement a little bit of their food cost (70-80%) so they can save some money. They have a hand book that they follow, basic living rules, no boys, be respectful, cleanliness etc. The rule book was created by Sahar and Maddie. We have 8 girls currently in the program and 6 girls have left.

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